Resources for Students

Nov 10, 2015

Students: No matter your age or grade, we have scientific games, cool images and scholarship / internship information for you. Check here for the latest federal resources.

Federal Resources for Students:

Department Of Energy

Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency

National Aeronautic and Space Administration

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Science Foundation & National Institute of Standards and Technology

U.S. Geological Survey

Ask a Science Question:

Provides answers to any biology question

Visit this site to ask a real geologist your earth science questions.

Mad Scientist
Volunteer scientists answer your toughest questions.

NASA Quest
Provides students in grades K-12 with the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers that relate to NASA.

Just for Fun Links:

For Younger Kids:

Bill Nye the Science Guy Homepage of the popular TV host and author.

Count Us In
Fun games designed to help young kids understand basic number concepts.

Genetics: A Cartoon Guide for Kids
Learn the basics of genetics in this easy to understand cartoon.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet Discovery Kids’ science entertainment site.

For Older Kids:

3-D Brain Maturation Video
A time-lapse 3-D movie that compresses 15 years of human brain maturation into seconds.

Annals of Improbable Research
Webpage of the science humor magazine.

Archimedes’ Laboratory
This site is filled with puzzles, optical illusions, and even instructions for making your own puzzles.

Classic strategy games
From, links to online versions of classic strategy games. There is also an interesting section on the use of game theory in popular culture.

Girls Go Tech
From the Girl Scouts of America, create digital music, learn about your brain, or send your friend encrypted messages!

Smithsonian Kids
Create a sculpture on your computer, play a Viking board game, test your knowledge of Giant Pandas and explore the Smithsonian Institution.

Tox Town
Learn about various environmental health concerns that may be important in the post-disaster environment and during clean-up efforts through Tox Town's four neighborhood scenes.

Access over 55,000 educational resources to learn about science and technology.

Space and Earth Science
Play, learn, and explore the world around you. Learn more about our Sun and Earth, our solar system, and the universe beyond through interactive games, movies, and activities provided by NASA.