Science is Fun!

Oct 21, 2011
Science is Fun!


Kids of all ages can use the links below to discover the fun and excitement of science in everyday activities and special projects.

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General Sites

For Younger Kids:

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Home page of the popular TV host and author.

Count Us In
Fun games designed to help younger kids understand basic number concepts. Science
Hundreds of games for young children such as the Sheep Game, Winter Fun, Bug on a Wire and Farm Animals.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Discovery Kids’ science entertainment site.

For Older Kids:

Annals of Improbable Research
Web page of the science humor magazine.

Archimedes’ Laboratory
This site is filled with puzzles, optical illusions, and even instructions for making your own puzzles.

Classic strategy games
From, links to online versions of classic strategy games. There is also an interesting section on the use of game theory in popular culture.

Engaging Science - Online games
6 animated games that teach students science with the help of the Vancouver Aquarium, HR McMillan Space Center and Science World.

Games and Simulations from
A whole series of games unique to that tackle important topics such as malaria, lasers and nuclear issues.

Google Earth
Download Google Earth to get customizable satellite images of any place in the world.

Smithsonian Kids
Create a sculpture on your computer, play a Viking board game, test your knowledge of Giant Pandas and explore the Smithsonian Institution.

Science Fair Ideas

All Science Fair Projects
This site lives up to its name, providing hundreds of ideas for science fair projects and experiments. Science Fair Central
Ideas for science fair projects and experiments from the Discovery Channel.

Science Fair Prep
Get all the information you need to make a good science fair experiment before you even choose a topic.

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource can help kids with every step of the science fair process.

Environmental Games

Mobile Bay Activity Book
This book for young children provides information on Coastal Alabama and gives them the opportunity to color, connect the dots, try word searches and make recipes.

National Institute of Environmental Health Services Games
The NIEHS provides an extensive list of fun games including hidden pictures, riddles, concentration games, sing-alongs, coloring, jokes and more!

Why is Hawaii's Ocean Important? A Keiki Activity Book
This book for young children provides information on Hawaii and gives them the opportunity to color, connect the dots, try word searches and even make recipes.

Space Games

For Younger Kids:

Mars Fun Zone 
Interactive website full of fun games and activities to help you explore Mars.

NASA Edspace 
NASA is recruiting students, educators, and families to join the Earth Crew Team to participate in ground-based projects and missions to support the Educator Astronaut Program.

Space Place 
Check out games, animations, projects, and tons of fun facts about Earth, space and technology.

Lots of cool info about our Solar System, the Universe, and other space stuff. Also available in GermanItalian, and Portuguese (Spanish coming soon!).

Windows to the Universe games 
A large collection of science games, including puzzles, word searches, coloring books, and ad-libs.

For Older Kids (and adults):

Bad Astronomy
A blog maintained by Dr. Phil Plait, an astronomer, teacher, lecturer and all-around science junkie. This site de-bunks bad science and common misconceptions, like Astrology and the so-called "Apollo Moon Hoax". There are also sections which explore the scientific inaccuracies of numerous movies and T.V. programs.

Solar System Collisions 
Blow up a planet! This simple program lets you pick a planet and the composition, size and speed of your impactor and see what happens when the two collide.

Spacecraft Models 
You can download, print out and assemble these free spacecraft models! This page also has models to assemble.

The Basics of Spaceflight 
An online tutorial to introduce the range of concepts associated with deep space missions.

WorldWind 1.3
World Wind allows any user to zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth, leveraging high resolution LandSat imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) elevation data to experience Earth terrain (or any planet with the data) in visually rich 3D, just as if they were really there.

Wildlife Games

EcoKids Wildlife Games
A list of animated games that teach kids about all different kids of wildlife. This page also includes a large collection of coloring pages.

Habitats of North Pacific Marine Fish
Color in a map of the North Pacific and then add stickers of different fish species based upon information provided on where the fish like to live.

National Atlas
This site is your one-stop shop if you're looking for maps and geographic information about America. Dynamic maps are innovative, useful, understandable and interactive.

World Wildlife Fund Games
Interactive games that let you find your inner animal.

Ranger Rick's Fun & Games
Play as a termite, a crow or a hungry fish in these high-quality games from Ranger Rick Magazine.

Wandering Wildlife
Track the migration patterns of individual animals in this very interesting and entertaining site from the Alaska USGS.

Weather Games

Billy and Maria - Coloring Books for Kids - Weather
These coloring books help kids learn more about weather safety during tornadoes, winter weather and thunderstorms.

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
Dan Satterfield, Chief Meteorologist for Newschannel 19 in Huntsville, Alabama, has a blog, weather quizzes, weather puzzles and loads of information on weather and weather forecasting for kids 6 to 16.

Make Your Own Weather Station
A list of simple projects, including a barometer and psychrometer, kids can make using materials found in their home.

Spuzzled for Kids
This site takes NOAA images and offers students the chance to put those images into the correct order while also learning more about the environmental work of the Agency. There is a weather puzzle at this site in three levels of difficulty.

Windows to the Universe games
A large collection of science games, including puzzles, word searches, coloring books, and ad-libs.